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2015 Fiscal Notes

The Office of the State Actuary is responsible for providing an actuarial fiscal note on each pension bill introduced in the Legislature and all amendments that are offered. OSA may also provide an actuarial fiscal note for any bill that changes retirement behavior or impacts assumptions used in pricing pension benefits.

All bill numbers are linked to the bill information system on the Legislature's public website.  OFM-approved fiscal notes may be accessed through the legislative site or directly from the OFM website.  Bills are listed in numerical order, by House bill, then by Senate bill.

Note:  Fiscal notes completed outside of the normal legislative session are not available on the OFM website and are provided here in PDF format.  These fiscal notes are denoted with an asterisk by the bill number.


As of January 30, 2015

House Bill

Senate Bill

Brief Title


Addressing survivor benefits from the public employees' retirement system for survivors of members in registered domestic partnerships prior to December 2012.


Authorizing membership in the teachers' retirement system for certificated employees of the superintendent of public instruction.

1168 5211

Correcting restrictions on collecting a pension in the public employees' retirement system for retirees returning to work in an ineligible position or a position covered by a different state retirement system.

1169 5210

Authorizing an optional life annuity benefit for members of the Washington state patrol retirement system.


Addressing membership in state retirement plans prior to attaining the normal retirement age in another plan.

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Allowing members who retire early under alternate early retirement provisions as set forth in RCW 41.32.765(3) and 41.32.875(3) to work as substitute teachers and continue receiving retirement benefits at the same time.


Concerning competitive salaries and benefits for Washington state patrol officers.


Expanding participation in the Washington state deferred compensation program.


Concerning the monthly salary and benefits paid to state patrol officers.

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