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Life Expectancies

A life expectancy table shows an average future lifetime for retirement plan members from each attained age. We based the table shown below on the RP-2000 Combined Healthy mortality table with mortality improvements projected to the year 2014.  We used 100 percent of Scale BB* for the annual mortality improvement factors.  Please see the mortality section of our 2007-2012 Demographic Experience Study for more details.

To use the life expectancy table:  Find your age in the column below, then look to the appropriate gender column on the right to find the additional number of years you may expect to live.  It is important to note that one-half of individuals can expect to live beyond their life expectancy and one-half will not live to that age.  We apply these tables to large populations; they are not intended for individual retirement planning purposes.

Life Expectancy using RP-2000 Combined Healthy Mortality Table